Design Service

There are various steps worked through as part of the Design Process.

I work through the property to establish focal points, scale, proportions of each room, light quality, what is desired, which belongings need to be incorporated into the new schemes and so on. as as

This establishes crucial issues such as time scale, budgets, if planning permission is required, the scope of work and required materials.

A full survey is taken of each room. Initial drawings are produced. as as

The visual research. Mood boards are created for the colour palettes, sketches of ideas and layouts, fabrics and furnishings are sourced. as as

Scale drawings of all the rooms and detailed furniture layouts are produced along with Lighting Plans. as as

Sample Boards will display all colour palettes, fabrics, lighting and finishes. A furniture book will be supplied with all chosen furnishings. as as

Budgets will have been discussed during our initial meetings. At this stage estimates are presented.

Drawings and Specifications are produced for builders and curtain makers and work begins.